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Calico Squares

We enjoyed our special—After Taxes Dance— on April 18. We could all still afford to drive to square dancing after we paid our taxes, so we must have come out okay.

We are all praying for Sue Leonard in regaining her health and ability to walk again after the amputation of her foot. She is one of the nicest additions to our group and always has a good word for everyone. She is a really bright spot on any given night. If she can survive all her years with Robert, she can surely add this to her list of important accomplishments. We love you, Sue! And we miss you too, Robert.

We had a great crowd at our Snowball Dance on December 20. It was great to celebrate Christmas a little early. Several clubs did not dance that week or the next, so the Calico Squares was the place to be. When we danced two days after Christmas, we also had a good crowd; and Johnny Chambers always brings some really nice people with him.

We are so fortunate to have such a great place to dance. Tennessee Christian Preparatory School has really been good to us and for us. They are hoping to purchase the land and buildings here by next year, so we wish the best for them in this endeavor. It will mean a lot to us to remain here. We discovered the hard way that moving around always depletes your membership in one way or another. The Calicos gladly made a donation to the school to help in its effort to purchase the property.

We are also always thankful for our good callers. We are hoping and praying that Johnny Chambers’ health continues to improve. Ray Donohoo and Ronnie Langley are not only great callers, but they are among the good guys in this world. They are always willing and able to make sure we are covered on any given night. And we always appreciate our visitors. They always make a wonderful difference in our dances.

And always remember ~ good friends don’t let friends quit square dancing, so help keep them coming back.

Gail Gray

EAST RIDGE GRAND SQUARES, the club with a heart

heart revised June 2017

SUMMERTIME! That means school is out, graduations, weddings and vacations are all in the works. We will be dancing most every Tuesday night during the summer. However, between vacations, the National convention and the State convention, our caller and cuers and many of our dancers will be on the road quite often. With that in mind, if you plan to come and dance with us, please call and make sure we are dancing: Randie-706-866-4194 or Doug-423-619-6813.

We have survived the move to our new location and our new dance night. The facility is great and all the dancers are very happy with everything about the new place. We now dance on Tuesdays at East Ridge Presbyterian Church, 4919 Court Drive, East Ridge, TN 37412.

Tuesday, September 5th, Doug and Cheryel will be starting a beginner’s foxtrot class for the round dancers. Our September schedule will be as follows: 6-6:30pm...round dance workshop, 6:30-7:30pm...beginning foxtrot class, 7:30-9:30...square dance. As always, there will be lines and rounds between tips. We are anxiously waiting for our current square dance class to graduate and join us in a square.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The dates we know for certain that we will be closed are: June 20, July 4, July 25 and August 8.

For East Ridge Grand Squares

Randie Whiting

Friday Nite Live logo revised June 2017

July 4th may already have been celebrated when you receive this Chatter. Stop for a minute and thank the good Lord that you live in the greatest country in the world. And part of what makes this country so great, is the men and women that have served in the military and some who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to have the freedom we enjoy in the United States of America. Freedom is NOT free! Just say a prayer and ask God to watch over our troops.

--Contributed by Lee Oliver—

Facts of Interest: Lee Oliver has prepared the delicious BBQ and potato salad for the Three Amigos dance for 19 years.

Roy Hawes, Don Rush, and Ray Donohoo all together have 133 years teaching and square dance calling experience: Roy (47 years), Don (45 years), and Ray (41 years). All of them certainly appreciate the support the square dancers have shown them for the Three Amigos dance for 19 years. Hey all you friends, let’s give these guys a salute and aim for the 20th!

Friday Nite Live and Wrecktangles in a joint effort decided to donate the half and half money to St. Jude which normally the club gets to keep half. The other half goes to the person who wins and most of them donated their winnings. This was turned in at the St. Jude Dance on April 1. The total was $535. Thank you club members and others for doing this. It is certainly a worthy cause.

We love all of our visitors who come to dance on Friday night. On May 12, we had 29 visitors from Western Promenaders of Calhoun and Pleasant Grove Promenaders of Dawnville and other area clubs. Please visit any time.

PLEASE NOTE: Friday Nite Live will be closed on August 4 during the TN State Convention in Gatlinburg on August 3-5, 2017. They are looking for a big crowd from Chattanooga and other areas.

If you have any questions or need directions, please contact Marcy Hall at (423) 316-9038.

Virginia Rush for Friday Nite Live

Twirling Star


revised June 2017

Each year is “full of Surprises,” it seems! Our first “surprise” came when Roy Hawes our Caller moved from his home of many years to a brand new, smaller, one-story house.

Then, Star Twirlers were “surprised” when Roy became ill and was hospitalized. He is now recuperating, and we are looking forward to his return to the Club. Hopefully, he will be back at the microphone very soon.

Another “surprise” is that we have a class for the first time since all the turmoil of selling Allemande Hall, finding a new place to dance, and moving twice to new locations in the same number of years.

We are happy to have Don Rush step up to fill in for Roy, teaching the class, and calling for the Club.

In July, we'll be celebrating Roy's Birthday – we can't put enough candles on the cake – “Fire Laws prevent that,” but when the date is firm, we'll get out the word, and look forward to area Square/Round Dancers participating.

Dennis McMinds continues to do a great job cueing for the Club. The number of Round Dancers on the floor is increasing. Most nights there are at least eight couples dancing.

We really like this “cabin in the woods,” and you are invited to come join the fun Saturday Nights from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Questions? Our contact persons are David and Peggy: (423) 899-2725.

Enjoy your Summer Dancing, Joyce Merritt for the Star Twirlers

Pat Lowrance for Star Twirlers

Wrecktangles  flag


Would someone from the Wrecktangles care to send me news? I will show it here.

The Wrecktangles have moved and are dancing on Friday nights 6 - 7pm.

Catoosa County Senior Center
144 Catoosa Circle
Ringgold, GA 30736

Linda Watkins 423 503-8357

Pleasant Grove Promenaders

revised June 2017

Pleasant Grove Promenaders have been blessed with many visitors, and have a new member as well. Each Thursday we are blessed with our square dance friends whom we call family. Averaging two squares each week.

We plan to visit several neighboring clubs this summer. Looking forward to the upcoming State Conventions as well.

Dancing will boost your memory, improve flexibility, reduce stress, diminish depression, help your heart and lose weight.... Just to name a few

We would love to have you come and visit us at Dawnville United Methodist Church, 1409 Dawnville Road NE, Dalton, GA 30721.

Callers Dan Campbell and Ray Donohoo, Lines & Rounds with Sandy Campbell and Kathy Donohoo.

We Dance Thursday Nights 7:00 to 9:30 PM

Raymond & Debbie Roy, contact number 706.913.6787 or Jim Bartenfield 706.270.1692

Grandview Twirlers

Grandview Twirlers has a fun filled year of Square Dancing Activities for your pleasure. See You There!

Shirley Corbin ⁓ President Grandview Twirlers